TelePacific Dedicated to Being Great Partner in Good Economic Times and Bad

In tough economic times, companies generally scale down and conserve. Such strategies create sales challenges for agents that while difficult, are not insurmountable, according to TelePacific Communications (Booth 1401), which noted, “If agents and their carrier partners can show their customers savings, there are customers (and commissions) to be gained.”

TelePacific advised that by working with the best partners, offering the best services and solutions and doing whatever they can to keep customers satisfied, agents can retain customers as well as a positive cash flow. Price alone does not determine the best buy, they added, noting that “with bargain basement prices come bargain basement service and delivery, and that ends up being a lose-lose situation for the customer and for the agent that has to deal with the resulting customer issues.”

By reaching out to customers with good services and the products they need to help them save money during tough economic times, agents position themselves to be the customers’ technology advisor when they are ready to upgrade, explained TelePacific. Agents “can be proactive to help their customers keep going strong now and be there to help them grow on the upswing.”

Los Angeles-based TelePacific has the widest footprint of any carrier serving customers in California and Nevada, plus products and experience to meet each customer’s unique needs. The company’s portfolio of services can grow with a customer’s needs,

TelePacific offers standard voice, data and bundled services, plus a growing SmartVoice portfolio with SIP Network Connect option. The company’s SIP services meet the needs of customers with both traditional and next generation connections, so customers can migrate to IP telephony at their own pace. In addition, OneNet service lets customers leverage the benefits of the MPLS private IP network and its current class of service new classes of service coming online in the months ahead.

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