Speakeasy Launches Integrated Voice Business Trunks

Speakeasy (Booth 1613), a Best Buy (BBY) company, announced the launch of its new Integrated Voice business trunks service for small businesses. Integrating voice and data on a single T1 connection, Speakeasy business trunks provide cost savings and increased bandwidth for companies with a traditional PBX. The basic business trunk service includes a T1 connection plus four business voice lines, allowing businesses to customize the service to meet their unique needs by adding additional lines, long distance and IP features as necessary.

Speakeasy business trunks utilize G.729 as the primary voice codec. This codec is used for voice compression and provides a significant reduction in bandwidth usage per call, allowing businesses greater utilization of overall bandwidth. Customers may also select the G711 codec, depending on their needs. Additionally, Integrated Voice business trunks run on Speakeasy’s private nationwide broadband VoIP network. Businesses can easily access and manage advanced voice features such as simultaneous ring, click to call and auto attendant.

“Speakeasy Integrated Voice is a cost-effective way for small businesses to get scalable, powerful voice and data service at a lower cost than traditional phone systems,” said Bruce Chatterley, Speakeasy’s president and CEO. “With the addition of business trunks, Speakeasy now provides a full complement of voice communication services for small businesses, offering packaged and customizable solutions for both on-premises and hosted communications.”

In addition to the basic package, Speakeasy Integrated Voice Business Trunks can be purchased a la carte, up to 12 trunks. This ability to add additional lines individually is an affordable way for small businesses to manage growth.

For those companies needing a complete solution, Speakeasy offers the SpeakeasyONE business bundle, combining T1 service, 8 business trunks, long-distance minutes, toll-free number, direct inward dialing numbers and an enhanced user package.

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