Info Directions Enhances Self-Care Capabilities for Online Billing

Info Directions Inc. (Booth 1615), has released a new version of its OnlineBill electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) and self-care application, with enhanced Web-based sales and ordering features.

The new release focuses on enhancing end users’ ability to sign up as a new customer and to add new products and services to an existing account via the Internet, creating a round-the-clock sales channel for service providers and freeing up valuable care resources.

Integrated with Info Directions’ CostGuard operations and billing platform, OnlineBill allows service providers to use the online environment to support existing processes and build out new capabilities. Features include:

1. Online self-sign up for mobile, wireline and VoIP markets, helping reduce the demands on customer care organizations

2. Web-based addition of new products, services and plans to existing accounts, to respond to customers’ changing needs

3. Porting of an existing service number to streamline the ordering process

4. Managing critical service delivery activities surrounding regional service availability, inventory, tendering and shipping

5. The use of Info Directions’ patent-pending Guided Assignment feature to assist customers in finding and selecting the best available products and services based on their location, credit score, etc.

6. A Web-based dispute request interface to provide customers with round-the-clock accessibility to support operations

7. An online interface to submit trouble tickets and augment customer care processes

“The ability to provide a 24-by-seven customer care experience is crucial for today’s communications service providers,” said Tim Wrona, vice president of product marketing for Info Directions. “Customers want the ability to manage their account information and service providers need the efficiency that an online interface brings to sales and support activities.”

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