Even When Economys Tough, Upselling Customers Isnt

Getting customers to buy additional services in this day and age may seem like a tough sell, but Endeavor Telecom CEO Justin McLain says it may not be a difficult as you might think.

McLain is among the speakers on the Monday’s panel “Access Sales Add-Ons.”

Channel partners selling traditional or IP-based access services should consider increasing ARPU by offering security-related offers, signage and music on a managed service basis, he said. For example, an agent could partner to deliver the cameras and connectivity to enable a business to do video surveillance of their cash registers. It could offer digital signage to enable a restaurant franchise, for example, to update lobby menu boards at multiple locations at once. And it could offer ambient music as a managed service to single- or multiple-site businesses.

By providing these additional services, McLain said, agents selling DSL or T1 services to small and medium enterprise could up their revenue around 20 percent.

And it’s an easy sale, he added, because these kind of services result in cost savings for the customer. For example, the managed security application wouldn’t require a dedicated phone line, as other surveillance applications sometimes do, so the business could shed that cost.

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