Avaya Introduces UC Apps, Devices

Avaya has debuted a range of UC technologies, including the first media phone for enterprises, new low-power phones, wireless-to-cellular mobile integration with DiVitas Networks, and a USB stick that enables users to instantly make any compatible desk phone within the company their own.

Avaya has extended its one-X series of desk phones with the 9670G, a media phone that is a cross between a telephone and PC, allowing direct access to applications and Internet-based information through a large color touchscreen with a high-quality phone. Applications embedded in the device give users useful options when the phone is idle, such as access to a full QWERTY keyboard, weather conditions, calculator and more. New applications also can be downloaded.

Additionally, the Avaya 9620L desk phone has been designated as a PoE Class 1 phone, meaning that average power consumption is only 2.2 watts compared to similar models that average 6.3 to 12.0 watts. For the entire Avaya one-X desk phone line, color displays are now available and a new release of downloadable software expands their value with a number of features that increase user productivity, personalization and management.

Avaya also announced DiVitas Networks’ Mobile UC solution now integrates with Avaya Communication Manager and Avaya Modular Messaging. The DiVitas Mobile UC solution enables mobile employees to move seamlessly between their campus-based, wireless networks and cellular networks. Currently available for Symbian or Windows Mobile dual-mode handsets, the DiVitas Client sends and receives calls via the Avaya communications network, and provides one number reach, mid-call management, presence availability, access to corporate directories and visual voice mail. Integration with the Avaya Modular Messaging server is included at no additional charge.

And, finally, MyPhone USB Drive allows employees to make any compatible phone on the network their personal business phone anytime. With MyPhone, users can have their identity, associated features and preferences become instantly available on the nearest phone while in alternate locations, such as a hoteling station, conference room or visitor’s office, for example. All calls directed to their extension number will ring at the phone currently in use. Users can personalize their phone using the display of the phone as a digital picture frame displaying photos stored on the USB stick.

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