Premiere Global Upgrades Netspoke Web Conferencing Technology

Premiere Global Services Inc. (Booth 1426) a global provider of on-demand, communication technologies–based business process improvement solutions, announced a major upgrade of its Web-collaboration technology, Netspoke, that make it easier for business professionals to meet and collaborate virtually — anytime, anywhere.

The upgrades include new personal meeting rooms that provide for quicker entry on the Web and dial-out access for audio participants, ensuring all meetings start on time. The personal meeting rooms provide instant access to dedicated URLS that eliminate the need to remember URLS and passwords or to wait for slow downloads. The dial-out lets user share a meeting room URL; Premiere Global simply dials out directly to meeting participants.

Other enhancements to Netspoke include better video quality and bandwidth controls for multi-point video to optimize the virtual face-to-face meeting; instant feedback tools that measure the status or mood of participants and allow for hand-raising within the Web interface, keeping participants engaged; and the capacity to upload PowerPoint changes directly from within the Netspoke interface.

“In today’s environment, more of our customers are looking to cost-effective, hassle-free alternatives to business travel and face-to-face meetings,” said Jacqueline Yeaney, chief marketing officer of Premiere Global. “These upgrades to Netspoke will make it easier to meet and collaborate virtually on the Web, and to make those meetings more productive.”

Premiere Global has an established customer base of more than 50,000 companies in 24 countries, including nearly 95 percent of the Fortune 500.

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