NBS Introduces Latest Version of VoICE Manager

NBS (Booth 1429), a metropolitan New York-based telecom carrier, reseller and MSP, announced the release of the latest version of its set of management and reporting tools for inbound call center clients. The NBS VoICE Manager incorporates five Web-based tools into its administrative portal. Giving companies the power to dictate the direction of inbound communications, the NBS VoICE Manager Console, Call Flow Manager, Queue Manager, Sound Manager and CDR Tool offer advanced call handling, routing, call recording and reporting functionality.

“Inbound call centers can take charge of the direction and flow of their call traffic to a level not previously attainable” stated Russell P. Markman, president of NBS. “From recording and managing IVR scripts to queuing, recording and routing calls, to creating detailed management reports, VoICE Manager is a valuable resource for the call center customers we serve.”

As part of an integrated set of Web portals, each specific tool has its own unique function to perform. Call Flow Manager controls the direction of auto attendant and interactive voice response (IVR) systems and directs the flow of inbound calls with multiple ring, queue and prompt strategies. The Queue Manager allows for viewing of automatic call distribution (ACD) data and real-time and historical reporting, showing queue agent activity by name and time of day and allowing multiple queue configurations. With the Sound Manager, users can generate and apply, in Call Flow Manager, pre-recorded messages and prompts. The CDR tool produces comprehensive call detail records and management reports and allows the user to search and sort through all inbound and outbound call logs. A number of parameters can be selected, such as date range, DID and call type for call record retrieval. The tool allows for easy uploading to Excel if further manipulation of the data is required. Since the data is collected as calls are completed, the data set retrieved is virtually real-time. The VoICE Manager Console gives managers and receptionists real-time information regarding busy status of stations. In addition to busy status, VMC shows caller ID information, call duration and, for call center agents, log-in status.

“As a management tool, the VoICE Manager Portals put all the critical data necessary for call center strategic decision making right at your fingertips” commented NBS founder and CEO Jon Kaufman. “They truly do manage all inbound commercial voice communications and allow you to take a proactive role in directing and controlling corporate telecom as a whole” he added.

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