Channel Members Should Just Say Know to SIP

SIP stands for session initiation protocol. So, if it’s just a protocol, what do channel partners need to know about it?

Plenty, according to David Byrd, Broadvox Networks vice president of marketing and sales, who will be presenting the session “What’s SIP Got to Do With It?”

During his presentation on Sunday, Byrd will offer an introduction to SIP, a brief discussion about the SIP market and information on how channel partners can benefit from the growth of SIP.

“SIP essentially takes voice over IP and makes it commercial- or business-ready, because VoIP does not have authentication — two-way communications between the PBX and the service providers’ network,” explained Byrd.

He added that SIP offers a mechanism by which service providers and their partners can define who’s initiating a call; understand what services are associated with that call, so the network operator can provide priority routing when necessary; and support the next generation of unified communications applications, which involve multiple networks.

That said, Byrd continued, channel partners need to under SIP’s central role in VoIP solutions and how it enables VoIP solutions to deliver the same voice quality, feature sets and reliability customers enjoy from the TDM-based offerings the channel is selling against.

“Channel partners in general want to have solutions that are going to effectively replace a TDM offering,” said Byrd. “So if they’re currently trying to sell VoIP, like a Vonage is, they’re running into a number problems, which include poor voice quality. And … one thing nearly anyone who’s been selling VoIP wants to now do is go back to those businesses and convince them that by going to carrier networks that have implemented SIP, they can deliver VoIP quality that is nearly equal to that of the TDM environment as well as reliability and the feature set service offerings.”

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