Coming to America: BT Launches UC Services in N.A.

By all accounts, interest in unified communications is on the rise for American companies looking to do more with less while accommodating mobile workers. But a hurdle lies in the mapping of the technology to business needs. British Telecom plc is the latest service provider to tackle this disconnect, by bringing its unified communications planning services to North America. In the process, it’s taking on entrenched players, like Verizon Business and Nortel Networks.

To that end, BT has launched a new family of consulting services in the U.S. and Canadian markets to help enterprises develop actionable UCC plans that are aligned with their business strategies and objectives. The UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services have three key focus areas:

  • Business processes: What processes are unique to an industry and organization, and how can they be improved through UCC?
  • Work environments: How can UCC create better work environments?
  • Cost reduction: How can UCC reduce information technology and communications costs?

Four services under the UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment umbrella can be applied individually or as a single, effective package of services. They include:

  • UCC Strategic Planning: BT’s business consultant work to develop a UCC strategy and roadmap specifically tailored to an organization’s business goals
  • UCC Business Case: BT assists in developing a business case focusing on defining the business benefits of an organization’s UCC strategy, with a recommended implementation approach.
  • UCC ROI: BT develops a return on investment calculation for specific UCC decisions that include hard savings and soft, productivity-related savings.
  • UCC Infrastructure Gap Analysis: BT studies an organization’s existing technology environment to assess readiness for implementation of UCC capabilities. This helps in making informed decisions about tactical implementation plans.

“In these difficult economic times, organizations need to be more targeted than ever when investing in technology,” said Michael Boustridge, president of BT Americas and Asia Pacific, in a statement. “BT’s UCC Strategic Planning and Assessment services are designed to help companies make informed decisions that are right for their unique needs.”

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