Mobile World Congress: LG Launches Solar-Powered Device

LG Electronics is following in Samsung’s solar-powered phone with the launch of a handset with a solar panel battery cover at the Mobile World Congress.

Exposing the panel to the sun for ten minutes will give the phone enough power for a three-minute call, for those emergency situations when no power is available to charge a dead battery. If left in natural light for long periods, the solar panel creates enough standby power to power the phone without any charging devices.

LG plans to release the eco-friendly phone in the European market at the end of this year.

The solar-powered device is part of the company’s aggressive green initiative. It released a Bluetooth solar car kit at this January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, and is introducing green packaging to its entire line of 2009 mobile handset models.

The eco-friendly packaging saves natural resources and promotes easy recycling by printing with soy inks and using recycled paper and cardboard without laminate coating. LG will also expand the use of its eco-friendly product manuals, produced with soy ink and recycled paper, to a broader range of models in 2009.

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