Mobile World Congress: Samsungs Sun-Powered Handset

You may recycle, drive a Prius and have those twisty, carbon-saving light bulbs, but there’s more you can do to be green. Like pick up Samsung’s new solar-powered mobile phone, dubbed “Blue Earth.”

The handset will be launched Feb. 16 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and while it stands out in the looks department as a sleek blue-colored touchscreen number, its green chops are bonafide too. The whole back of the phone is a solar panel to suck up the rays, and the phone itself is made from recycled water bottles. Nifty.

It’s good for the earth in other ways, too: It includes a CO2 emissions calculator so you can check your carbon footprint at any given moment, and users can adjust the backlight duration to boost efficiency further. Meanwhile, the included pedometer reinforces the message that walking somewhere is not only green, but good for you as well.

For those cloudy days, it comes with a five-star, energy-saving charger that uses less than 0.03 Watts of electricity while in standby mode.

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