Sprint Beams Up to Enterprise with Flat Rate

When Sprint-Nextel Corp. officially said last fall that it would hang onto its iDEN network, it also said it would take steps to “rejuvenate” the asset. That seems to be coming to fruition now with the launch of flat-rate unlimited plans for enterprises, delivered on, you guessed it, the iDEN nework.

The idea is to move business pricing models away from incremental, usage-based billing to an all-in-one bucket concept that includes non-voice services, in an effort to appeal to business’ ever-tightening pocketbooks. Meanwhile, if enterprises take the bait, Sprint wins by loading the iDEN network up with more traffic.

A plan with unlimited SMS messaging and mobile-to-mobile minutes goes for $29.99 per month. For $10 more the user can add unlimited data, Web browsing and GPS navigation on a Nextel phone, or on a Nextel Direct-enabled Sprint phone for $49.99 per month. Companies also can add pooled voice minutes to the plans.

“This is a paradigm shift in how businesses select a wireless plan to meet their business needs,” said Danny Brown, president of Nextel Direct Connect, in a statement.

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