Gold Mobile Unveils SMS Platform for VARs

Gold Mobile launched mClass, a hosted software server that enables VARs to help large multilocation businesses route SMS to and from any cell phone to any desktop, call center, fulfillment center, helpline or even database (e.g. CRM, inventory, etc.) Each conversation is individually logged and archived, providing access to all records.

The heart of the Gold Mobile mClass system is a Bi-directional Enterprise Service Transport (BEST) communications facility that integrates older communications protocols, such as e-mail, with new SMS, IM, MMS and VoIP-IVR across any enterprise application.

“VARS that work with businesses such as retail chains, restaurant franchises, car manufacturers and their dealerships, hotels, fitness clubs, and consumer goods companies with thousands of brands and retailers can now deploy hundreds or even thousands of unique mobile messaging instances with total management control,” noted Bob Gold, Gold Mobile CEO.

Seritas, an automotive Web site and inventory solution provider, is one of the VARs to deploy mClass for use in its customers’ sites. “Since integrating our Web site application to mClass using the Gold Mobile API, we’ve been able to easily configure, implement and manage our new mobile Web inventory solution for our dealership customers nationwide, and have even added a mobile video option,” said Seritas CEO Scott Greger.

The mClass configuration and database management functionality is built using industry-standard protocols such as LDAP allowing for rapid large enterprise scalability. Gold said, “mClass is the first ASP model server in our space using an LDAP architecture with its drag-and-drop functionality for real-time configuration.”

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