Bushs Tech Legacy Wiped Away as Obama Takes Over

Much of the technology legacy of now-former President George W. Bush was wiped away at noon Eastern when the White House Web site was flipped to that of the Obama Administration’s.

Bush had a hand in revamping the White House site after his 2000 election, and there’s contention he actually was focused on technology improvement until the terror attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. Once he was faced with that tragedy, however, he left progressive technology policies in the dust. Of course, Bush’s appointees at the FCC and the Justice Department had few qualms about approving Bell megamergers, but it’s debatable whether those fall under the umbrella of “technology improvement.”

President Barack Obama is expected to focus more on technology than his predecessor, and encourage principles including net neutrality and competition. He says better broadband access will create jobs and further education.

At noon on Tuesday, Inauguration Day, the White House Web site featured a whole new look and feel – just like the White House itself.

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