Reports: Former Autodesk CEO to Replace Yahoo!s Yang

A new CEO reportedly is set to take over at Yahoo Inc.! (YHOO).

The Wall Street Journal and other outlets say the embattled Internet company has offered Jerry Yang’s job to Carol Bartz, 60.

Don’t know the name, you say? Bartz hails from Autodesk, a drafting and design software company. She headed Autodesk for 14 years before resigning in 2006 to become executive chairman.

Provided she accepts the job – which various sources say will happen – Bartz will have gained a position sought by Yahoo! insider Susan Decker. But there’s talk that because Decker was so close to ineffectual CEO Yang, workers would not have taken kindly to her appointment.

Yang announced two months ago that he would resign, capping a tumultuous year for Yahoo!, which has suffered poor earnings and declining influence on the Internet – this from one of the Web’s earliest and brightest stars back in the day. The company hopes to recapture its former glory by replacing Yang, who famously fought Microsoft Corp.’s takeover attempts, despite pressure to the contrary.

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