Seidenberg: Hilarious Devices in Verizons Future

We’re not sure the words “Verizon” and “hilarious” have ever been paired before.

At an investor conference on Wednesday, Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) CEO Ivan Seidenberg said the carrier has some “really hilarious devices coming out,” according to media reports.

Hilarious devices?? Do they rub our tummies and giggle to make us laugh? Do they perform stand-up comedy? Do they zip around on oversized-roller skates and do tricks? (Okay, we agree – clowns are scary, not funny.)

In any case, that was Seidenberg’s contention as he told investors that all is hunky-dory in Verizon-land, two days after Bernstein Research said the total opposite. But Seidenberg, who’s apparently determined not to let the blankety-blanks grind him down, said Verizon will grow in 2009 and FiOS will keep taking over the world.

Telephony quoted Seidenberg as saying, “…I get up every day, and people say, ‘Your ARPU’s going to hell in a handbasket.’ I don’t understand where they come up with this stuff.”

Ummm, maybe by acknowledging reality??

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