FCCs Tate Draws Jeers for Vomit-Inducing Signoff

Sometimes it takes an outsider to tell the truth we all want to tell.

Consider this most excellent observation from UK-based TelecomTV: “It’s a New Year and over in the US it’s a New Start. And, as a new president waits in the wings, political appointees from the old regime are watching as their meal tickets wither, curl-up and blow away.”

The first appointee to go is Republican FCC Commissioner Deborah Tate, who announced last week she’s stepping down. And she’s getting quite the lambasting over her resignation letter. After providing a scathing critique of Tate’s “vomit-inducing” signoff, the writer twists this little knife:

“…Debi signs-off with this touching little homily. ‘As Abraham Lincoln said: I have just tried to do my very best each and every day. I have tried to also act justly, show mercy and walk humbly with God.’

Yes, I know. I know. Incredible isn’t it? And now let’s remember that she was an FCC commissioner and not a Supreme Court judge, minister of religion or stand-up comedienne. Well, she wasn’t the first two of those anyway.”

Really, it’s a thing of beauty when someone calls ‘em like they see ‘em – and calls them perfectly.

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