Xorcom Supports G.729

Xorcom Tuesday published instructions to allow customers to use the G.729 voice codec on its line of Asterisk-based IP-PBX appliances. The document also provides information about obtaining the G.729 codec, licensing restrictions, and methods for calculating the number of required G.729 channels based on the planned usage of the PBX system.

In addition, the company published performance tables for a variety of popular codecs as measured on each of the Xorcom systems: XR3000 for enterprise, XR2000 for small and medium businesses and XR1000 for small office/home office.

The implementation instructions and performance tables can be found on the Xorcom Web site.

G.729 reduces the bandwidth usage for a standard telephone call from 80kbps to 24kbps, with minimal voice quality degradation. While in the past the G.729 algorithm ran on dedicated digital signal processors, today’s processors easily can run the G.729 algorithm effectively while addressing other tasks as well.

Xorcom sells its products via a worldwide distribution channel and OEM partners.


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