The Googlephone 2.0 Coming Soon?

We’re just getting used to the Google Inc. G1 handset available through T-Mobile USA, but the march of innovation is steady, apparently: Rumor has it a so-called “G2” — a new version of an Android-based handset — will be making its way to market soon. The reports come alongside the news that Google has made several key enhancements to Android, the operating system the existing G1 is based on.

Beginning in early January, Android will be officially updated to fix some bugs and add some new features, like the ability to save MMS attachments, cutting and pasting within a browser, and a find function. The camera is be upgraded to include the ability to shoot video, and the stack will support development for stereo Bluetooth, speech recognition and virtual keyboards.

This last point is at the heart of the G2 rumor, which says the new version (available through carriers other than T-Mobile USA, they say) will ditch a regular keyboard to a full, iPhone-like touch approach. Another cited upgrade is video calling.

The G1 was launched in September as the first phone based on Google’s Android operating system. Regardless of the G2 rumor, Samsung is expected to launch its own Android handset sometime next year.

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