Tis the Season to File Lawsuits

‘Tis the season to file lawsuits.

Vonage Holdings Corp. (VG), Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) and deltathree Inc. all got notice earlier this month that Centre One is suing them for IP patent infringement.

Vonage said it believes Centre One is owned by “a sole inventor.” (Indeed, tracking down this company has not proven easy.) “Sole inventor” usually masquerades as the kind of setup where an individual buys rights to patents and holds onto them until he or she can sue the pants off a company, then make back the money – and more – invested in the patent rights.

Then came word on Friday that base station vendor Adaptix Inc. is going after Clearwire Corp. (CLWRD) and Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) for mobile WiMAX patent infringement. According to reports, nobody’s talking about any of the allegations.

Happy holidays, everyone!

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