NET Unveils VoIP Gateways for Microsoft Response Point

Network Equipment Technologies Inc. (NWK) announced this week that Quintum, now part of NET, has made its new Response Point VoIP Gateways generally available through its North American distribution channels.

The NET Quintum gateways have been designed to work with any Microsoft Response Point-based IP telephony system. Response Point is a software-based IP PBX that is packaged as an appliance by three OEMs – Aastra Technologies Ltd., DLink Corp. and Quanta Computer Inc.

The Microsoft Response Point system includes the Response Point base unit with IP PBX software running on Windows XP, SIP phones, management and client software, and a PSTN gateway.

According to NET, the new Quintum gateways enable SMB customers to take advantage of reduced management costs in two ways. The first is from system consolidation, which eliminates multiple, often standalone systems, each with their own management and service contracts. The second is by collapsing the voice architecture to support both digital and analog trunking.

NET Quintum Response Point VoIP Gateways are generally available. The digital gateway supports a T1, E1 or PRI connection and has a list price of $1,800. The analog gateway supports up to 4 FXS ports and has a list price of $330. Upon installation, the analog gateway is configured completely by the Microsoft Response Point application. The digital T1/E1 gateway offers a customized configuration wizard to step through the additional questions required to complete the set up.

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