FCCs Martin Cancels December Meeting

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin’s hope for porn-free wireless Internet for Americans has hit the skids. He has acquiesced to pressure from the White House and key members of Congress not to hold a vote on the AWS-3 spectrum auction later this week.

Instead, it appears Martin and his fellow commissioners will focus on the upcoming DTV transition, which is not going as smoothly as hoped. And that’s just what some senators and representatives want Martin to do during his final days at the FCC. It doesn’t make sense, they’ve said, for a commission that soon will have new members – and a new head – to try enacting major policy changes at the last minute.

Is this the final blow for Martin, who’s been unable to get a vote on the intercarrier compensation/Universal Service Fund reform he wanted so badly to pass, and now this? Looks like he’s about as lame a duck as his boss.


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