Rockefeller to FCCs Martin: Stick to DTV Transition

The man expected to become chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee on Friday asked the FCC to forgo a vote on the AWS-3 auction next week and instead focus on the upcoming DTV transition, which has not gone as expected in test launches so far.

“We strongly urge you to concentrate the commission’s attention and resources only on matters that require action under the law and efforts to smooth the transition to digital television,” wrote Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V., in a letter to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin.

Rockefeller’s House colleague, Rep. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., also signed the letter.

Martin only has a few weeks left in office and Rockefeller wants him to stick to issues that require immediate action, not address lingering subjects such as the AWS-3 auction or, presumably, intercarrier compensation/Universal Service Fund reform.

“At a time when serious questions are being raised about transition readiness, it would be counterproductive for the FCC to consider unrelated items, especially complex and controversial items that the new Congress and new administration will have an interest in reviewing,” Rockefeller and Waxman wrote.


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