Gonen Resigns From deltathree

Dror Gonen is resigning as deltathree Inc.’s president and CEO, citing personal reasons. Gonen’s resignation comes as analysts and reporters wonder how much longer deltathree will be in business.

Gonen had only run the VoIP provider since April of this year. But in that time, things have gotten worse for the company. The latest blow came in late November ― that was when deltathree renegotiated the lease with its New York landlord to get its hands on $750,000 in working capital.

Effi Baruch will serve as interim CEO and president, deltathree said. Baruch has worked as senior vice president of operations and technology since January 2007 ― though he’s been at deltathree since 1998 ― and he’ll retain those responsibilities.

Gonen will remain at the company for 45 days to help with the transition process.

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