Covad Certifies IP PBX Providers

Covad Communications announced it has certified IP PBXs from TalkSwitch, Grandstream, Vertical and Epygi for its new Covad Integrated Access service.

IP PBXs certified by Covad include:

  • TalkSwitch IP PBX equipped for VoIP (models 244/248vs, 284/288vs, 484/488vs and 844/848vs)
  • Grandstream GXE502X ALL-IN-ONE IP PBX
  • Vertical Xcelerator IP
  • Epygi Quadro 2x and Quadro 4x IP PBX

This certification means Covad has tested the equipment and verifies it works well with the Covad Integrated Access service. Covad Integrated Access service, designed for businesses with up to 35 employees per location, is delivered over a voice-optimized T1 line and works with customers’ existing phone systems. Covad Integrated Access now also utilizes SIP trunking and supports a wide range of IP, digital and analog PBXs.

Pricing starts at $435 per month with no installation fees, depending upon contract length and services ordered. Customers can start with as few as four phone lines. New lines can also be added one at a time.

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