ADTRAN Unveils NetVanta 3G Module

ADTRAN Inc. (ADTN) now offers a 3G card for its NetVanta 3305 router. Connectivity for the card is currently supported by the Evolution Data Optimized Rev. A (EV-DO) service of Verizon Wireless.

The NetVanta 3305 router with 3G Network Interface Module (NIM) is suited for network failover/backup applications for large businesses, primary connections for smaller businesses and load sharing between connections. When used in backup mode, network traffic can be diverted to the 3G wireless connection in the event of a primary circuit failure. The primary connection application for the 3G makes sense for cases in which broadband is a requirement, but a fat pipe is not available.

The NetVanta 3G NIM, designed for use with a wide range of NetVanta platforms, carries a list price of $795. List price for the NetVanta 3305 is $1,295.

The NetVanta 3305 is an access router designed for Internet access, corporate frame relay, point-to-point connectivity, and virtual private networking. It supports applications requiring bandwidth from 56kbps to three T1s. The 1U NetVanta 3305 offers two interface slots and two 10/100Base-T Ethernet LAN ports; will house a variety of NIMs; and includes a stateful inspection firewall, QoS for delay-sensitive traffic like VoIP, NAT and DHCP. It can be managed with a familiar Command Line Interface (CLI), which ADTRAN modeled after the CLI used with Cisco Systems’ routers.

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