SIP Print Seeks Sales Partners for New Call Recording Appliance

Startup SIP Print Wednesday launched the SIP Print Partner Program (SIPPPP) for sales of its VoIP call recording appliances in combination with IP-based phone systems. SIP Print is does not sell direct or through retail outlets.

SIP Print, which launched in September, is actively seeking value-added distributors (VADs), VARs and DMRs (direct market resellers) to participate in its national rollout. A company spokesperson said the company already has sales partners and distributors signed up. On its Web site, the company lists Vital Communications as one of its distributors, for example.

SIP Print offers system-level VoIP call recording for organizations with a need to record voice calls — through to the endpoint — and up to 200 seats per location. SIP Print’s appliances work with SIP-enabled systems and systems using SIP trunks or a SIP interface on hybrid phone systems. It is compatible with a range of gear, including Allworx, Aastralink, Altigen, Avaya IP Office, Avaya Distributed Office, Cisco, Fonality, Mitel, NEC 8100, NEC 8300, Nortel, ShoreTel, Toshiba, Zultys and 3Com.

Voice recording systems are used by companies that want an audit trail or must meet regulatory compliance requirements. Among these are call centers, financial and legal services firms, law enforcement and emergency services agents, educational institutions, and state and local government agencies.

To become a reseller, there is no formal agreement required, just an online registration process. Similarly, no formal technical training is required since the products are easily installed and require no PBX integration.

Additionally, there are no inventory requirements, no volume commitments and no certifications required. SIP Print drop ships appliances direct to the customer.

SIP Print’s products typically cost one-third the price of competing VoIP call recording solutions. MSRP starts at $4,995 for a 15-seat software license key on the appliance. Reseller product margins are approximately 35 percent.


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