Proxims 802.11n: More Speed, Less Cost

802.11n might be known as “super Wi-Fi” as the fastest version of the technology to date, but uptake has been a little slow because of the cost to upgrade and a lack of an existing base of compatible client devices. WLAN provider Proxim Wireless hopes to eliminate the cost objection, while improving 802.11n speeds to a whopping 320mbps in a dual-radio configuration.

That means companies can take advantage of speeds that are seven times faster than existing networks, Proxim said, in a WLAN that costs half of competitors’ 802.11n offerings. The vendor said eliminating the common centralized controller from the architecture is the key. The dual-radio AP8000 costs $1,099, while the single-radio version, the AP800, comes with a price tag of $799 and enabled speeds of 170-plus mbps.

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