The Sony Xperia to Cost $799

The handset subsidy model is about to get a test when the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 smartphone comes to America in November. It is set to go commercial Nov. 29, the day after Thanksgiving.

The touchscreen device, first announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain last February, runs the Windows Mobile 6.0, and will not be locked to any carrier. Because of that, users will pay the full cost of the phone, $799.

The idea of a non-locked high-end handset is a novel concept for the domestic market, and one that might have appeal to consumers if it weren’t for the fact that they won’t have a choice of carriers in the U.S. with it anyway.

That’s because AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA are the only major GSM carriers in the States, and the latter’s 3G network isn’t supported on the Xperia.


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