iPhone Passes BlackBerry in Business User Satisfaction

The Apple iPhone might be second in smartphone market share, but it’s the bee’s knees, tip-top, A-No.1, the big Kahuna, when it comes to business user satisfaction.

J.D. Power and Associates has ranked it No. 1 after a survey of 1,388 business smartphone users revealed top marks for ease of operation.

“With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007, Apple has clearly differentiated itself from the competition in areas that are most important to business smartphone users,” Kirk Parsons, senior director of wireless services for J.D. Power, said in a statement. “By making basic applications and features easy to use and providing functionality in a thin, lightweight device, Apple has performed well in exceeding customer expectations.”

Domestic market leader Research in Motion Ltd.’s BlackBerry scored a distant second. This is insult to injury for the intrepid BlackBerry, which just lived through Applephile gloating, including from the guru Steve Jobs himself, about the fact that Apple sold more iPhones than RIM sold BlackBerries in the third quarter.

Of course, the story’s not over. The BlackBerry Bold, a 3G smartphone, was recently released, and the BlackBerry Storm, with a touchscreen, is due from Verizon Wireless soon. The new additions might help RIM get their mojo back for the fourth quarter.

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