Spectrotel Adds T1-Based Services for Channel

New Jersey-based Spectrotel, a provider of phone and Internet services to SMB and residential customers, announced this week it has added T1-based services, including dedicated voice, data and Internet, to its product set. The company said it will rely on its agents to sell the new products and to further its expansion plans.

Spectrotel, which was founded in 1997, recently received regulatory approval to provide local and long-distance voice and data services in the Illinois market, its 20th entry into incumbent provider territories. Spectrotel offers its TDM-based services under commercial agreements with the RBOCs (UNE-P) and other resale arrangements.

“Independent agents are the lynchpin of our expansion plans and we work relentlessly to streamline the sales process for them. From simple contracts to online sales materials to simplified billing we empower our agents with the tools they need to exceed customer expectations and succeed in a competitive marketplace,” said Mark Burgess, Spectrotel’s director of marketing.

Spectrotel has about 30 agents selling its services. They are paid both upfront and residuals on service sales. The company’s partner program has been in place for eight years.

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