Stevens Convicted of Corruption

Hey, Alaska politicians, what on earth are you people doing up there in the so-called Last Frontier? Yeah, yeah, it’s one of the lowly Lower 48 calling you out but come on – first, Sarah Palin is found guilty in Troopergate (despite her hilarious insistence to the contrary) and now Sen. Ted Stevens has been convicted of corruption. Just because it’s dark there doesn’t mean the light o’ truth can’t shine on you, people.

Anyway, Stevens – the U.S. Senate’s longest-serving Republican ever – was found guilty on Monday on all seven felony corruption charges he faced. A jury agreed with the prosecution that Stevens concealed more than $250,000 in home renovations and other gifts on his financial disclosure forms.

Stevens chaired the Senate Commerce Committee when Congress was mulling a Telecom Act rewrite. The 84-year-old is vying for re-election on Nov. 4 but experts say his career is now kaput. Oh well. More time to enjoy those home renovations, right?

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