New Siemens Offerings Provide UC Security

Siemens Enterprise Communications has enhanced its OpenScale Services and solutions portfolio to help businesses improve the security of their UC solutions, releasing offerings in these four areas: Business Continuity, Compliance, Identity and Privacy, Threat Mitigation and Data Security.

Siemens business continuity services can help build policies and plans to ensure that these concerns are addressed and businesses are able to provide a continuous, disaster-tolerant communication environment.

Using compliance services, including audits, health checks and policy creation, an organization can ensure its security and continuity arrangements are meeting corporate governance and legislative objectives, such as instant messaging policy, tracking and control with a UC environment.

Siemens Identity and Privacy services provide business processes, policies and technologies that enable organizations to facilitate and control user access to critical online applications and resources, while protecting confidential personal and business information from unauthorized users in a cost-effective way.

Threat mitigation and data security services include secure design, implementation and testing of infrastructure and applications which are extended to cover UC solutions in multivendor environments. Siemens can provide data encryption services and VPN solutions to ensure communications cannot be intercepted, as well as provide perimeter security and content security solutions adapted to protect against threats inherent to real-time applications.

The new security services portfolio builds on Siemens’ existing global OpenScale Service offering, which can deliver services to a variety of customers, regardless of size, geographic reach, level of in-house expertise or differing vendor solutions deployed. This security portfolio is open and vendor-neutral, so enterprises can take advantage of Siemens’ value-added services regardless of their UC solution vendors.

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