FCC to Tackle Pending Mergers on Election Day

Looks like the head of the FCC really is trying to push several big issues to a vote before a new president is elected.

In November, the agency will hold its monthly on the fourth – Election Day – and the scheduled docket includes some weighty, long drawn-out matters.

First, commissioners apparently will vote on two pending mergers: Verizon Communications Inc.-Alltel Corp. and Sprint Nextel Corp.-Clearwire Corp. FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has been pushing to get them approved before a new president takes office.

There’s also talk of a vote on intercarrier compensation reform Nov. 4.

Curious how much the agency will actually get done that day, or if the meeting date will change? Of course, what better way to take the spotlight off controversial decisions than to make them on a day when the limelight most certainly will be on Barack Obama and John McCain?

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