Research: Six Revenue-Generating Services Beyond VoIP

Consumer VoIP won’t be much of a revenue-maker for operators going forward, but FMC, IP video and other IP-enabled services will—to the tune of $700 billion, in fact.

That’s $700 billion to be made worldwide over the next five years, according to Insight Research. The Internet-enabled services carriers should focus on include residential video telephony; fixed-mobile convergence; file sharing and download services; streaming services; location-based services; and presence-based services.

Insight postulates that free VoIP from Skype, GoogleTalk and others, combined with the heavy discounting going on within the triple play, means that VoIP is becoming a giveaway. That’s a trend most recognize from the days of the long-distance wars, when TDM voice was price-warred into a table-stakes commodity. Now, it’s happening with VoIP, Insight says, even though VoIP was supposed to retain its value with better and more valuable calling features.

“These new IP-enabled services are the first tangible fruits of next-generation networking,” said Robert Rosenberg, and analyst at Insight. “And while our six IP services represent only 2.5 percent and 8.5 percent of global telecommunications services revenues forecasted in 2008 and 2013 respectively, they indicate the direction of future revenue growth as voice revenue declines. These six IP services together will generate about eight and a half times that of basic VoIP services by 2013.”

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