IT EXPO: Microsoft Expands Small Biz VoIP Ecosystem

Here’s a shocker: Microsoft Corp. is making a play for more of the business market: all the under-50-person offices out there, to be precise. And in order to do that, Bill Gates himself took a personal interest in the software giant’s new start-up, ResponsePoint.

ResponsePoint is essentially a start-up within Microsoft that appeared in the first quarter with a plug-and-play, power-over-Ethernet phone system that offers click-to-call functionality via what they call the “magic button” – push it and get access to a voice-activated system. It offers mobile capability and presence information for a unified communications experience as well.

The problem? General Manager Xuedong Huang put it simply: “People need to learn who we are.”

To that end, at IT Expo in Los Angeles this week, Microsoft unveiled new partners for the ResponsePoint system, as part of a growing ecosystems. The partners varied from Packet8, a standalone VoIP provider to ClearOne, an audio conferencing provider.

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