FreedomVOICE Launches Newber Beta for iPhone

FreedomVOICE Systems unveiled Newber Beta, the first location-aware business number, at CTIA in San Francisco this week. Newber Beta is an application that resides in the iPhone as a fully functional second line and uses positioning technology to locate and seamlessly transfer calls to nearby landlines, even during an in-progress call. The commercial version of Newber soon will be available to iPhone users through the iTunes Applications store.

Newber Beta enables iPhone users to save money by avoiding the use of cell phone minutes; never miss or drop a call when in a “dead zone”; and conserve iPhone battery power. Using iPhone’s GPS system to connect to nearby phones, Newber calls can be transferred to the nearest landline by one or two touches of the keypad.

Newber Beta delivers an independent number that can be assigned to any phone, sparing the caller the task of dialing multiple numbers for mobile, home, work, etc. Newber Beta also allows a person to take business calls on their private phone without giving out personal information.

“Contact Finder,” a capability of the commercial release, allows a user to tap a name on the contact list and all of that contact’s numbers will be automatically dialed in sequence, eliminating the need to manually dial one number after another.

A limited number of beta versions of Newber are currently available, and plans are in the works to introduce Newber for other smartphones.

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