Broadband Wireless Bonding Appliance Unveiled

Mushroom Networks Inc. Tuesday unveiled a wireless broadband appliance that uses patent-pending Broadband Bonding technology. It aggregates as many as five USB-based cellular data cards to increase bandwidth for media-rich applications and fill in spotty coverage.

Mushroom Networks’ PortaBella broadband wireless bonding appliance.

Called PortaBella, the new appliance enables bonding over various wireless Internet access technologies, even from different providers. The appliance is available immediately for a retail price of $1,595. It is available for sale by channel partners.

PortaBella is designed for users requiring mobile Internet access for high-bandwidth applications, such as news gathering, mobile TV broadcasting, military, government and emergency response.

“We are solving a key pain point for markets that demand reliable and high-speed Internet where the application is not otherwise suitable for wired Internet alternatives. Imagine a mobile news gathering vehicle streaming video from the field, or a highway traffic monitoring system or a temporary construction trailer, which require a fast and reliable connection immediately,” said Dr. Cahit Akin, co-founder and CEO of Mushroom Networks.

In addition, Akin said because Portabella combines the wireless data services from different providers, users can reduce signal outage events caused by gaps in operators’ coverage. All mobile carriers are supported.

“PortaBella provides the fastest, most reliable cellular based broadband connection as our algorithms dynamically adapt to varying wireless channel conditions in real-time,” added Akin.

Mushroom Networks is also looking for value added reseller and distribution channel partners for its solutions.

“We are interested in partnering with a broad-range of reseller channel partners, including small to medium size consultants and resellers, wireless dealers, telephony agents, data VARs, larger integration partners and resellers focused on vertical markets where providing fast and reliable portable Internet is critical,” said Akin.

The Gold Partner program provides education and support of channel partners’ sales and support/engineering teams; access to marketing tools and materials, such as remote interactive demo and product literature; and secure access to customized partner portal with ordering, order management, customer registration tools etc. Demo units are available for 30 days free of charge to qualified partners.

Partners are not required to keep a minimum inventory; units are drop-shipped from Mushroom Networks’ facilities. Reseller partners can manage their orders and shipments for their customers from the partner portal.

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