FCC to AT&T: No More Reports on Investment, Quality

More sweet relief for the Bells. The FCC on Saturday released AT&T Inc. (T) from certain reporting requirements. Namely, if you want data about the company’s service quality or infrastructure investments, you’re out of luck.

Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) and Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q) are likely to land equal forbearance. On Saturday, commissioners granted them the same cost-accounting relief they’d previously given to AT&T.

Telecom analysts for investment bank Stifel Nicolaus said the new accounting change gives the Bells more leverage than ever. It’ll be harder for wireless carriers, CLECs and others “to use cost data to press for Bell rate cuts and controls, including on business-oriented high-capacity special-access services,” analysts wrote in a client memo.

“The telcos say the obligations are outdated and unnecessary, while critics … say the record-keeping and reporting are needed to uphold various regulatory mandates.”

You know what happens when the government deregulates everything, right? Chaos, friends. Pure chaos. Tried to get a mortgage lately?


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