WBS Connect Offers Cloud Computing, Data Center Internetworking

WBS Connect announced at the Fall 2008 Channel Partners Conference & Expo that it now is offering cloud computing and data center internetworking services.

WBS Connect’s cloud computing service, Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC), makes applications, platforms, storage and managed services accessible over a simple Internet connection.

WBS Connect constructs, provisions and manages a virtual data center for the customer. It provides CPU power, memory, storage capacity and network capacity on one monthly bill.

VPDC is designed to expand with client needs and remain cost-effective from start to finish, the company said, explaining that customers buy only what they need and ramp up or down as business dictates.

WBS Connect’s data center internetworking service, DC2CD, offers high-availability, high-performance network connections between data centers at speeds from 10mbps to 10gbps.

According to WBS Connect, DC2DC is ideally suited for content and media providers, service providers, international and long-haul connectivity, traffic aggregation, disaster recovery and business backup.

The WBS Connect services portfolio also includes IP transit, transport, content delivery network services, data center colocation services, and expert network consulting services.

WBS Connect leverages multigigabit commitments with IP transit carriers to offer direct connections in the United States, Europe and Asia. It has a presence in carrier-neutral data centers in Amsterdam, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, London, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, New York City, Seattle, Toronto and other major cities.

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