Succeeding in Business Is No Accident

Separating the dream of entrepreneurship from its reality is just one of the things Larry Kesslin, president of 4-Profit LLC, can provide business owners to help them make businesses and their lives more successful. The rest will be presented in the Business Development track Tuesday morning in his presentation called “The Accidental Entrepreneur.”

Being successful begins with defining success. “You need to define what you want from your business,” Kesslin says. “You have to say, ‘This is realistically what I hope to build over the next few years; this is how much I have to invest; and this is what I want my life to look like.’”

Kesslin will present ideas and lessons learned that are outlined in “Mastering a Culture of Accountability,” a book he wrote with business partner Chris Winter. His firm, 4-Profit, is a technology focused advisory services company working exclusively with channel-centric solution providers, manufacturers and distributors.

He also will touch on principles outlined in an upcoming book on improving your human capital. “The fantasy of owning a business is different than the reality. The fantasy is that you’ll make all this money and have all this free time and be able to tell others what to do. But the reality is, most business owners are not good people managers,” Kesslin says.

His presentation will address ways to develop the leadership and communication skills necessary to take your business to the next level and to understand issues that cause the fires in your business and how to do more than just pour more water on them.

“I’d like people to at least walk away with a bit of a road map on how to get where they want to go,” Kesslin states.

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