NetCarrier Offers Multi-MB TeleFlex Dynamic T1 Packages

NetCarrier Inc. announces the availability of Multi-MB TeleFlex, the next generation of the company’s TeleFlex offering designed for customers with voice and data telecommunications needs. Created for medium-sized businesses that require more bandwidth than a standard T1, this bigger and more dynamic voice and data product uses truly bonded, redundant circuits, offering Internet and high-profile voice services simultaneously over a network. Base rates start at $895 per month and increase based on product configuration, bundled minute allocation and customer location.

Multi-MB TeleFlex uses fast packet technology with dynamic voice compression. Because both voice and data are packetized, priority can be given to voice, while the remaining bandwidth is available for data transmission. In this configuration, data speeds are allocated dynamically to increase data transmission speed when voice transmissions are not occurring.

“With this inverse multiplexing bonding technique, you actually get true bonding, rather than a load balancing scenario,” said NetCarrier CTO Chris Peltier. “Any single session can get the bonded download rate.”

This service can be delivered as either POTS or PRI using an integrated access device which serves as both a router and traditional telecom customer premises equipment. Additional features, lines and upgrades can be provided remotely without a truck roll.

The Multi-MB NetCarrier TeleFlex product features include toll-free number, unlimited local calling, bundled long-distance minutes, an integrated access device, directory listing, 200MB of Web space, e-mail accounts, as well as dedicated POTS lines for fax, modem, alarm and elevator lines and also standard features such as touch tone, DID, call hunting, 900 blocking, 976 restriction and caller ID number.

“As a channel-focused organization, NetCarrier is proud to release this hot-off-the-presses product information to the largest channel distribution magazine in the industry,” said Sales Director Bruce Wirt, referring to PHONE+, which puts on the Channel Partners Conference & Expo. “Current and prospective channel partners nationwide will find the information to be useful and informative.”

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