Effective Lead Generation Vital to Keeping the Funnel Full

Deciding what your organization should do to keep sales flowing in a tightening economy is vital to the business. So is deciding what not to do. Bill Taylor, CEO of Corporate Ladders, covers both the dos and the don’ts of lead generation and sales prospecting in his Sales & Marketing session today called “Full Funnels: Strategies for Healthy Lead Generation.”

Taylor draws on his 30 years of personal experience and 14 years of developing the intellectual property of Corporate Ladders to present tools for uncovering and developing leads and, more important, for prospecting those leads to determine which are worth chasing and which are not.

“The dos and don’ts of lead generation and sales prospecting — when worked together properly — result in a vital pipeline for sales,” Taylor said.

Taylor tells of how his best practices have helped customers double, and in some cases triple, revenue and improve profitability. “By helping clients find the right prospects for their services we have increased both sales and revenues, and when everything is done correctly, margins increase as well,” he explained.

Taylor said sales leads are the lifeblood of any sales organization. However, too many salespeople don’t know where to prospect for the best leads and don’t spend enough time prospecting, working their best markets or planning their territory.

Corporate Ladders is a general management consulting firm working with clients of all types, sizes and complexities to achieve profitable growth. It has provided consultant services for both domestic and international companies. In his presentation, Taylor plans to speak about the unique challenges facing telecom service providers and their reseller partners. The market is crowded. It’s always changing. And it is driven by the latest and greatest technologies. “These factors contribute to a market that does not always respond to traditional sales strategies, making the challenge that much more difficult,” Taylor said. “But we can always find ways to pinpoint the best segments to help our clients grow.”

Taylor’s message is that wherever one can find gloom, there also will be opportunity. Yes, products are more complex; clients have more options and sales cycles are longer. However, agreements are no longer just price-based, the focus is client-centric and the long sales cycles allow time to build and maintain relationships. “Ultimately, finding and retaining customers is still the goal of the channel,” Taylor concluded.

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