FreedomVOICE Enhances Hosted PBX Service

FreedomVOICE Systems (Booth 1026), a sponsor of the Fall 2008 Channel Partners Conference & Expo, has added Call Review, a new tool for implementing employee training and ensuring quality control, to its VoIP Hosted PBX service, FreedomIQ. The company will be providing demos of the service at its booth.

Call Review was designed to make information retrieval as convenient as possible, displaying all calls on a table in a user-friendly Web interface. The call data is storable by employee name, incoming number, time of day, extension and other criteria. With just a click of a button, a supervisor can know what was said on any business telephone.

All calls received by an employee can be found by a single sort, no matter how many telephones they may have logged into. This is true even if the employee works from home. FreedomIQ is a VoIP Hosted PBX, which uses the Internet to integrate telephones no matter where they are located. Call Review also provides an audio record of what was said. This may offer protection in instances of legal disputes.

In addition to quality assurance, supervisors use Call Review for employee training. They can determine if standard procedures are being followed and give employees valuable feedback.

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