Why You Might Be Conflicted About Delta Rolling Out In-Flight Wi-Fi

You’ll either love it or hate it. Delta Air Lines’ planned rollout of in-flight Wi-Fi this fall means the potential for uninterrupted playing of Scrabulous — er, Wordscraper — on Facebook. But then, “I’m about to get on a plane” is no longer an excuse to break from corporate e-mail.

And what about potential VoIP users? How annoying (or convenient, depending on your point of view) is THAT going to be?

On Wednesday, Delta confirmed that its partnership with Aircell LLC will put Wi-Fi on board its domestic fleet of more than 330 aircraft. The system, dubbed “Gogo,” will enable any Wi-Fi-enabled device, including laptops, mobile phones and PDAs — to access the Internet and SMS messaging. The companies are silent so far on the specter of Skype-using chatterboxes interfering with one’s attention to the in-flight magazine, DVD player … or Facebooking, for that matter.

The Tech Herald: Delta fleet to offer domestic access to in-flight Wi-Fi

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