Wireless Data to Surge, But So What?

From the “master of the obvious” file: Mobile data will make up the bulk of the growth in wireless revenue for the next few years, pushed along by smart devices and more pervasive broadband. That’s according to a new report from SNL Kagan. But it apparently won’t do carriers much good other than filling up their 3G and 4G pipes.

That’s because (and this is from the “woulda shoulda coulda” file), despite data growth, overall wireless revenue will claim only a 5 percent CAGR for the same period.

The numbers point to a big business model shift for the industry. Are all those unlimited voice plans coming back to haunt the operators? Maybe, but with wireless data to bring in $100 billion per year by 2017, it’s a moot point. Time to bring on the applications!

FierceMobileContent: Forecast: Mobile data revenues will top $100B by 2017

MediaPost Publications: Mobile Data Revenue To Grow By 16%

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