VoSKY Debuts Skype-Certified Gateway

VoSKY has added the VoSKY Exchange Pro VIT1/E1 to its PBX-to-Skype gateway family.

Based on VoSKY’s latest enterprise-grade Linux platform, the VoSKY Exchange Pro VIT1/E1 enables medium and large enterprises to migrate to VoIP and enjoy cost savings of up to 90 percent over traditional telco trunks, the company said. The solution is the industry’s first enterprise-grade T1/E1 PBX-to-Skype gateway to achieve Skype certification.

The VoSKY Exchange Pro VIT1/E1 seamlessly integrates with existing corporate PBXs with T1 or E1 digital interfaces, allowing businesses to take advantage of Internet telephony without replacing their existing network infrastructures. With a VoSKY Exchange gateway, employees can make and receive Skype calls from their regular office phones – no Skype software, computers or headsets are required. In addition, the standalone, 1U rack-mountable appliance is easy for telecom/IT managers to configure and manage.

VoSKY’s latest gateway can support up to 30 concurrent Skype calls using E1 ISDN PRI or up to 23 calls with T1 ISDN PRI, providing scalable performance for enterprise applications. Multiple VoSKY Exchange gateways can be set up in dispersed office locations to enable free calling between colleagues in different locations.

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