Most Companies Lack Mobility Policy, Survey Says

More than 60 percent of companies do not have a formal policy for managing mobile devices, according to a new survey from Visage Mobile, which showed that proper mobility management requires not only enterprisewide programs, but also actively engaging the end users.

The survey, which was issued to almost 600 mobile users nationwide, revealed that managing mobility has expanded from an IT issue to one that affects many throughout the entire enterprise, from finance and human resources, and on to every manager and employee.

However, the data showed that the majority of employees are uninformed and disengaged when it comes to monitoring and managing their corporate-issued mobile devices.

Other findings included:

*74 percent of respondents said they do not have access to their corporate wireless bill.

*More than 60 percent of employees waited three weeks or longer to be issued their mobile devices after being hired.

*Not surprisingly, 80 percent of respondents are using their corporate issued mobile device for personal use.

*And 8 percent of respondents have had a corporate-issued device with potentially sensitive enterprise data either lost or stolen.


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