Tango: Mobile Presence Coming to a UC Platform Near You

Tango Networks has added the ability to tie in mobile network presence and location information from any handset to its Abrazo platform for enabling unified communications.

Abrazo now enables UC systems to selectively share status information with contacts, enable intelligent routing decisions for mobile phones, desk phones and soft clients, and contribute to automatic presence status determination.

Building on the company’s strategy of delivering a seamless user experience from any mobile phone with any unified communications system across any network, this enhanced functionality furthers fixed-mobile convergence and fixed-mobile substitution as key components of unified communications, and provides efficiencies in the move towards network-intensive multimedia, the company said.

Tango Networks’ Abrazo is based on a hybrid architecture that maintains a component in the enterprise network and a component in the mobile operator network. This fundamental design enables the solution to passively monitor mobile device status in the network (e.g., registered/unregistered, on/off-the-phone, location area, etc.) and provide controlled updates to unified communications servers within the enterprise. Using this methodology, any mobile phone – with or without data connectivity – can be part of the unified communications experience for presence and location.

“While there are many market offerings that provide presence information on mobile phones, the current solutions are inherently limited,” said Andrew Silver, co-founder and CTO of Tango, in a statement.

Tango Networks said it is working with multiple unified communications solutions providers to integrate mobile network presence and location information.

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