Perimeter eSecurity Launches Remote Backup and Recovery Service

Perimeter eSecurity is providing a new Remote Backup and Recovery (RBR) product, an on-demand storage engine to securely back up and recover business data. RBR is a fully digital service that allows organizations to maintain a regular backup schedule.

Agents now can offer this automated SaaS platform, assuring customers their data will always be available, stored securely and meet compliance requirements in the event of a disaster or even a simple system failure. The company claims that the solution requires no time or effort after set up and so is fail-safe and maintenance free.

Doug Howard, Chief Strategy Officer at Perimeter eSecurity, said many companies neglect to protect against data loss and system failure risks caused by technical, human and natural disasters. “Conventional backup methods such as physical tapes and drives are inefficient, prone to error and incur extensive administrative costs,” he said. “A disk crash or inadequate backup procedure can cause material business disruption and financial loss.”

With RBR, all files are encrypted locally before they leave the customer’s systems to ensure the privacy of their data. Each encrypted file is replicated and delivered to Perimeter’s two off-site Level 3 Communications data storage centers.

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